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Affair Recovery

Infidelity causes deep hurt. Whether you would like to stay with your partner or part ways, the damage caused by any type of intimate partner betrayal needs to be addressed. Healing IS possible. If you’ve found out or suspect your partner has had or is having an affair, you probably have several questions mulling around in your head.

  • What do I do after I find out my spouse is having an affair?
  • Is there any hope of saving a marriage after an affair?
  • Can there be healing after infidelity?
  • What is affair recovery?
  • Is affair recovery even possible?

First, it’s important for you to know when dealing with a cheating spouse or partner, it’s not your fault. And, you do not have to walk through this alone. I have worked with hundreds of individuals and couples to help them heal from intimate partner betrayal. When someone experiences a cheating spouse or partner, their trust of their partner is not only broken, but they can also develop distrust of others. As I help you process through your thoughts, emotions, fears, and hurt, I also help you rebuild trust.

If you choose to stay with your spouse or partner, we will also work towards reestablishing the emotional connection between you and your spouse, improving communication, and restoring your marriage, which is often achieved through couples counseling.

People are often surprised when they hear me say I love helping couples work through infidelity and affair recovery. Helping couples achieve a level of emotional intimacy they’ve never experienced before is greatly rewarding!

Couples Therapy

You are in a judgement free zone. Don’t beat yourself up for considering staying and not walking away. This is no one else’s decision but yours. 
– Dr. Gloria

Sometimes individuals and/or couples are truly confused about whether or not they should stay together. You may even be asking yourself:

  • Shouldn’t we stay together for the kids’ sake?
  • What if we are happier if we aren’t together?
  • What if I regret the decision to leave or stay?

These are all normal questions that can feel frightening and overwhelming. I can help you gain clarity and discernment so you can determine the best path towards moving forward.

Healing and rebuilding trust after infidelity can be a challenging process. I’m honored to walk with you and help guide you and your partner through this journey from pain to reconciliation. And, if you are at or get to a point where you decide that it’s over, I can help you part peacefully, knowing you did all you could do to overcome the rupture.

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