Dr. Gloria Rivera King, Ph.D., LMHC, LMFT

Dr. Gloria Rivera King Ph.D, LMFT, LMHC, CIRT

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New Patient Information

Practice Information:

*Please read before accessing printable forms below.

Thank you for choosing this practice for your services. Gloria Rivera King, Ph.D. shares office space with the Arthritis & Joint Center of Central Florida (AJC)/Dr. Daniel King, MD, both located in the Professional Center building of Viera Medical Park, but they are not affiliated with one another. 

For your first appointment please inform the receptionist at the front that you are there for your session with Dr. Gloria Rivera King (please specify the full name to avoid confusion with providers from the other office). You do not need to sign a Sign In Sheet. Please inform the receptionist you have arrived for your appointment each time you come to the office and let her know you have been to the office before.

If you have already received your new patient paperwork and you will be using insurance, please provide us your photo ID and insurance card to be scanned into the computer at the time of your appointment when you meet Dr. King. If you will not be using insurance, please present us a photo ID to be scanned into the computer when you meet Dr. King.

If you have not yet received and filled out new paperwork and will be doing so at the time of your arrival, please inform the receptionist and she will give you the new patient packet to fill out. When Dr. King meets with you, please present to her a photo ID and your insurance card, if you will be using insurance. If you will not be using insurance, please present a photo ID to Dr. King to be scanned into the computer.

Dr. Gloria Rivera King will collect your co-payment or fee at the start of your session (cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards accepted except American Express).

If you will be paying via check, please have your check ready and make it out to: Dr. Gloria Rivera King or Gloria Rivera King, Ph.D.

If you need to use the rest room before the session, there are two restrooms available. The first is located on the right hand corner of the waiting room immediately to the left of the waiting room door. The second is located on the left hand corner of the waiting room, behind the door, immediately to the left.



**If you are a private pay client, you still must fill out all forms, except for the INSURANCE form. If you choose to come into the office to fill out forms there, please arrive 20 minutes early and inform the receptionist you need a new patient package. If you choose to do this, you must review the INSURANCE FORM below before then, as you will need to contact your insurance company to find out what your counseling benefits are prior to your first appointment.

***If you have any questions about your paperwork or payment, please address them in session with Dr. Gloria Rivera King herself, as the receptionist will not be able to answer them for you.


"The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering."

- Ben Okri